Tork Craft Auger Bit 13 X170Mm Pouched

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Tork Craft Auger Bit 13 X 170Mm Pouched

Daimeter: Ø13.0Mm
Working Length: 170Mm
Shank: Hex


An Auger Drill Bit Is Used To Bore Holes In Timber. It Is Great For Drilling Holes In Thatch Poles To Insert Threaded Rods.

The Design Is Very Similar To A Forstner Drill Bit, As It "Shaves" Itself Through The Wood. A Low Rpm Rotary Drill With A Planetary Gearbox Is Required To Be Used With Auger Drill Bits.

What Is An Auger Drill Bit?

An Auger Drill Bit Is One Of The Very First Types Of Drill Bits Used In The Carpenter Industry To Bore Holes In Timber.

A Very Early Example Of The Auger Drill Bit Is The Scotch Eyed Auger. The Pilot Guide Is Threaded To "Pull" The Drill Bit Into The Wood. The Cutting Edge Forms Part Of The Auger Helix To Assist The Drill Bit With The Removal Of Shavings. Nowadays, Auger Drill Bits Are Used With Powerful Electric Rotary Drills To Speed Up The Process Of Boring Holes.