Pica Master Set - Plumber

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Pica Master-Set Plumber


Pica Master-Set Plumber

Useful &Amp; Compact Marking Kit For Plumbers, Tilers, Electricians, Metal Workers, Locksmiths

  • With Velcro Fastener.
  • With Failover For Refill Sets
  • Single Packaging With Extractable Plastic Hang Tag


    • 1 X 3030 Pica-Dryâ® Longlife Automatic Pen
    • 1X 4030 Pica-Dryâ® Refill Set Graphite For All 2B
    • 1 X 4040 Pica-Dryâ® Refill Set Water Jet Resistant, Blue, White, Green
    • 1 X 150/46 Pica-Inkâ® Deep Hole Marker, Black
    • 1 X 1X 532/52 Pica Classic Instant-White Pen
  • For Free - During The Launch Phase: 1X 990/40 Pica Visor Permanent Industrial Marker Multi-Use, Red (Limited For Deliveries Until End Of 2019)

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