Sawstop Indusrial Cabinet Saw 250Mm 3Hp

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Sawstop Indusrial Cabinet Saw 250Mm 3Hp


Industrial Cabinet Saw

The Sawstop® Industrial Cabinet Saw Is The Definition Of Industrial Grade. It Is The Heaviest, Most Powerful And Highest Quality 10" Cabinet Saw Available. The 3Hp, 1Ph, 230V Configuration With 36" Industrial T-Glide Fence Assembly (Fence Optional) Offers The Durability, Versatility, And The Peace Of Mind Only Sawstop'S Patented Safety System Can Provide. Note: There Are Options On The Size Of The Extension Table/Fences. Also You Have To Select The Fence Type For The Saw, Which Is An Optional Accessory To This Machine

Industrial Cabinet Saw

Note: Picture Shown With Optional Accessories Fitted

Quick Facts

  • Durable Craftsmanship And Thoughtful Details Combine For Consistent, Reliable Performance In The Most Demanding Industrial Environments
  • Sawstop Safety System Stops On Contact With Skin
  • 36" Industrial T-Glide Fence System Provides Smooth Operation, Precision Measurement And Sure Lock-Down Without Deflection (Optional Accessory)

Industrial Cabinet Saw Vs. Professional Cabinet Saw

200+ More Pounds Of Iron And Steel For Heavy Duty Cycles, Maximum Stability And Ultimate Precision.

  • Thicker Cast Iron Table For Added Stability
  • Deeper 927 Mm Cast Iron Table (30€� Vs 27€�), Allowing For About 50Mm (2.5€�) More Room In Front Of The Blade.
  • Thicker Gauge Steel In The Cabinet, Rails And Tube And Fence.
  • Larger And Deeper Fence. Tracks Smooth And Locks Down Solid Withâ No Deflection
  • Massive Cast Iron Trunnion Delivers Smooth, Precise Operation Year After Year
  • Bigger Hand Wheels For Easy Adjustment
  • Larger Metal Motor Access Door For Quick Access
  • Second Access Door For Easy Maintenance

The Sawstop® 10€� Industrial Cabinet Saw Is The Reference By Which All Other Saws Are Measured: Precision And Heavy-Duty Construction, The Revolutionary Safety Feature That’S Made Sawstop Famous, And 99% Dust Collection System That’S Second-To-None. It Is, Simply Put, The Finest Sawstop Saw Ever Made.

Specification Value
Motor Configuration 2.2 Kwâ  [3 Hp],
1 Phase, 230V, 13 A
Overall Saw Dimensions 36 Inâ 
Width: 1759 Mmâ  [69 1/4€³]
Depth: 927 Mmâ  [36 1/2€³]
Height: 864 Mmâ  [34€³]
Cast Iron Table: 24€³ W X 30€³ D
610 Mm Wide X 762 Mm Diameter
Table Saw Only: 240 Kgâ  [530 Lbs]
36 In Fence Systems: 288 Kgâ  [635 Lbs]
52 In Fence Systems: 310 Kg [685 Lbs]
Shipping Weight (Approx.): 290 Kgâ  [640 Lb] (Table Saw Only)
Saw Blade
Arbor Ø: 5/8"
Diameter 254 Mmâ  [10"]
Blade Tilt: Left
Blade Kerf: 3 Mm
Blade Plate Thickness: 2 Mm
Cutting Capacities
Max. Depth Of Cut, Blade At 0°: 79,4 Mmâ  [3 1/8€³]
Max. Depth Of Cut, Blade At 45°: 57.15 Mmâ  [2 1/4"]
Max. Rip, Right Of Blade - 36 In: 927 Mmâ  [36 1/2€³] (W/ Optional 36€³ Rails)
Max. Rip, Right Of Blade - 52 In: 1330 Mmâ  [52 1/2€³] (W/ Optional 52€³ Rails)
Max. Rip, Left Of Blade: 318 Mmâ  [12 1/2€³]
Dado Diameter: 200 Mmâ  [8€³]
(Requires A Separate Brake Cartridge And Insert)
Dado Max. Width: 20 Mmâ  [13/16€³]
Table In Front Of Blade (Max. Elevation): 279 Mmâ  [11"]
Table Behind Blade (Max. Elevation): 248 Mmâ  [9 3/4€³]
Arbor Runout: 0.0254 Mmâ  [0.001€³]
Maximum Allowable Runout
Table Flatness Measured Diagonally: 0.254 Mm [0.010€³]
Maximum Gap
Blade Alignment With Miter Slot: 0.254 Mmâ  [0.010€³ ]
Maximum Displacement
Deviation Of Miter Gauge Indexing Stops From Actual: ±0.25°
Alignment Between Splitter And Blade: 0.254 Mmâ  [0.010€³]
Maximum Difference
Mitre Slots
Miter Slots T-Shaped: 19.05 Mmâ  [3/4€³] At Top,
25.4 Mmâ  [1€³] At Bottom,
9.525 Mmâ  [3/8€³] Deep
Miter Slots Center: 282.58 Mmâ   [11 1/8€³]
Miter Slots Info: 139.7 Mmâ  [5 1/2€³ ]
(Arbor Flange To Center Of Right Slot)
Other General Specifications
Dust Collection Port Diameter: 100 Mm [4"]
Riving Knife / Splitter Thickness: 0.090" (2.3 Mm)
Blade Guard (Dust Collection): Polycarbonate,
Extends Only 1 3/16" To Right Of Blade
Hand Wheels: 200 Mmâ  [8€³] Diameter,