Vernier Caliper Jaw Length 150Mm 0-1000Mm/0-40'

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Analogue Vernier Caliper 1000 Mm
Series 128-11

Manufacturer Cat No: 128-040-11

Range: 0 Mm - 1000 Mm
Jaw Length: 150 Mm
Graduation: 0.02 Mm | 0.001 In
Accuracy: ±0,08 Mm

Vernier Caliper - Deep Jaw 150 Mm

Workshop Professional Analogue Vernier Caliper With Measuring Range 0 - 1000Mm And Measuring Resolution 0.02Mm. The Jaws Are 150 Mm Long,

Chromed Reading Surface (Scale And Vernier). Made Of Stainless Steel. This Measuring Tool Is Equipped With A Screw Locking Clamp And Fine Adjuster.

Made Of Stainless Steel.